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A glowing full moon tonight. I do love the moonlight. It is a gentle, serene and soothing illumination. It’s soft touch whispers over us like a mother singing a lullaby to her child. Feelings, comforting, loving feelings, how amazing our feelings are. Where do all these wonders of life come from? Endless, rich and mysteriously far beyond the limits of the intellect. All so much more, so deep like a fathomless, infinite sea. ┬áIs it all inside of me, the universe entire? I do think it might be. Especially magical it is to be in garden when the moon is so bright. How divine to be immersed in the reflective emotional beauty of the moonlight. Life loves the child of us, we are embraced by love. Dreaming, held tenderly in the soft silence of the night, content under the glowing light in wonderland, living our own unfolding beauty as this marvelous world of ours. This entire experience of life, this place we call the universe, all of it – this, that and the other – all because love is. Nothing can eclipse love. Love is existence itself. Yes, we are all safe and secure, even when we think not. I am smitten by the light of this enchanting glow of the silvery moon. It is a sweet pleasure to feel this joy I feel – and to taste the succulent nectar of Life.