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Yes, it is the love of love that inspires me. The pinks and greens of happiness, the poetic passions of deep dark magenta, the heavenly blue, the wisp of white, the colors of light. This heart of mine is gentle, soft, agile and easy. I see no reason to do battle with this marvelous world of mine. Love goes so very  deep. My heart is open and I’m touched by the clear, fresh joy of it all.  I’m riding on through, feeling the wild winds blow, viable, lifting me up.  Life is illimitable, infinite, so much grander and bigger, greater than me.  Such is this divine, resplendent, gift of life that I love. I’ll let it blow, let me bend and sway, pull me down, push me up, push me over. My joy is to give, to give in, willing, feeling the currents taking me in the arms of this powerful, virile, amorous love. I hear the laughter of God through this sensuous beauty that I feel. Oh and I love the happy celebrations, entwined in you and this sweet mystery, the mystical magic of love. I am immersed in an infinite beauty, divine and supernal. This living magic bestows its gifts to us. Letting it take me, we are dancing in the moonlight with love’s sweet songs touching upon our own infinity. Life is love, you are love.  I love loving you. This living sense of the extraordinary softens me to feel its sweetness, feel life’s rich virility moving me, letting this love take me. Here love lives as the pure wonder of a destiny written before time. Trusting this deep, abiding love – this is the way, this is it.