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This has nothing to do with politics. I don’t belong to any political group. Oh I might, if there was one that lived up to my ideals, but I don’t see one that matches my way of thinking. So, this has to with philosophy only. This is about idealism and materialism. And yes, absolutely, the free-market works, and works beautifully – when giant  government programs stay out the way. The free-market, when based on true Idealism, is a way of life that provides benefits to far greater numbers than any other economic system.  Idealism is about spirit and trust in the divine nature of mankind.  Idealism understands the innate power and genuine good in the spirit, the heart, the mind and soul of the individual.

Idealism and freedom go hand-in-hand. The free-market is about the individual. The individual can induce more potential prosperity to many others, commensurately, in a bounty of exponential ways. The creative energy alone that arises from those who live in real freedom of mind and soul is enough to stimulate and invigorate all kinds of prosperity though expansion in growing success. The free-market encourages creativity and opens ever-new avenues to prosperity bringing greater numbers of people to reach their own potential, through that growth. Freedom always moves toward the light – including the incentive toward curiosity and invention which certainly can lead to economic success.  One person’s success can, and often inevitably, spreads to better lives for thousands, if not millions. Basically, the free-market economy is like a garden in the wide open sunlight, exposed to rain and nature –  it leads toward growth and expansion. 

The socialist system is based on materialism, fear and control. Not much sunlight in that garden, and no trust in nature. Nothing can flourish when under control, and forced to submit to laws and regulations that suffocate the individual desire to reach for the stars, and create from the goodness of the heart and soul.  Materialists prefer socialism, and the need to feel secure through imprisonment.  Socialism is certainly not the based on trust in the sublime intelligence of life, in nature, nor faith in love, the Divine and the freedom of the human spirit. And thus the socialist agenda squelches the individual and the inspiration that longs to grow upward and out into the fullness of his own individual self-realization. Socialism moves toward restrictions, fear, darkness and always ends up in the loss of lives of many – with a few in control, repressing, restricting the rest of the people through the mental chains and assured material poverty. Economics controlled by the few who make the laws certainly leads to the spread of poverty – not prosperity.  

Freedom may be risky, but so is life. Freedom is a beautiful gift from the Divine and I suspect the Divine knows better than human governments about life, soul and who we are.  Idealism and the freedom that is inherent in that understanding is always far better than any ideologies based on control and fear.  Seems that to be free and  take our chances, fearless and trusting in ourself works better for us all.

Governments or religions that espouse the idea of controlling others, are in the business of oppressing the spirit and light of individuality rather than helping to ignite those lights. This is a sure way toward stagnation.  The individual is imprisoned by oppression, failure, loss, feeling trapped in limits and lack. In a socialist-materialist system  all things inspired become annihilated.  Under the socialist system, the collective becomes reliant on their oppressors, much like the “Stockholm Syndrome” unable to see that the controlling agenda produces people who want to be overly protected, because they are fearful and repressed by those in control. Under socialism nothing can grow.  Real freedom happens when we reclaim our sweet life, our sweet freedom and fearless, unbound love. – Sandy Jones