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Sinking softly in the depth of this world, I have seen Heaven here, right where I am. It is so near to us, the very light in our eyes. The life of you and me, we are touching this eternal Majesty of Wonders. We are His Song. We live in the knowing – knowing song and singer are one – we are this living love song. A song echoing our very own beauty. This soul is filled with the stars and heaven’s light glittering here in all I see. The light you are is love, the song you live is pure, clear, vibrating as the unbound joy of eternity. The celestial symphony written long ago tells us our time is our time in the timelessness of this unbound joy. This joy fully felt in the forever love we are. This sacred heart is in tune, feeling the rhythm and harmony of the living sounds, felt as the everlasting radiant splendor calling us Home.¬†

Lightly stepped a yellow star 
by Emily Dickinson

Lightly stepped a yellow star
To its lofty place —
Loosed the Moon her silver hat
From her lustral Face —
All of Evening softly lit
As an Astral Hall —
Father, I observed to Heaven,
You are punctual.