Posted by on Jun 1, 2018 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Magical Wonders

My little garden is so rich and lovely. It grows all by itself. I’ve found a sweet magic here in this world. I let it take the lead and it seems to always show me the gentle, easy way. This Immeasurable Light of Intelligence doesn’t need me thinking I can improve upon its grand, ever flowing abundance of love. Who can add more to this illimitable Allness? Who can make such lovely flowers fragrantly bursting forth, here in my little garden, gleaming in the warmth of spring time sunlight? Who can do any of this? Who can produce this incredible magic of existence? And yet, this magic, this mystery and It’s unbound love is here. It is self-evident, clearly being all that I am, just as it is being all that you are. Here, feeling the cool, fresh breeze blow softly, touching me, I delight in this joyful, childlike wonder of it all. The pink blossoms pouring forth with an unbound beauty and peace filling my heart and soul. My sweet freedom abides always with this uninhibited love so very close – this equanimity, a sparkle in your eyes, lightness of step, happy love that is already being all that I am, all that you are, the unrestricted, living totality of who and what we are. –