Posted by on Jun 6, 2018 in Sandy's Blog | Comments Off on Invisible Things

Life, my sweet adventure, how much I love you. Your enchantment calls me to the hidden mystery behind this world of matter and time. I am beguiled by the spirit, the intangible world. That’s really where it’s all going on, here, in this infinite realm where the invisible creates this visible world. From here, the magic comes to be seen, felt, lived, witnessed, adored. I am taken behind the scenes, beyond time – and the mystery envelopes me. It is the invisible power of life that I touch through my tender, willing, guileless heart. This love holds me. Life and I, we are lovers, and so it is. I know a place beyond the tangible things I see, beyond the visible, that’s where this childlike joy of my soul is found and touches me here, in this world. Here, in the ethers of this infinite light of love, I collide with your soul, with your unbound, precious you.  We come together, deeper, touching the mystery of our being.  At the table we smile, embracing the sweetness of a world that no one understands. The greatest scientists, the finest philosophers, the most genius of us all, and no one knows anything. Not a one of us knows what or how life, the universe, existence and all of this wonder of being came to be.  And yet, here it is. I do laugh at the pure beauty of that. I indulge with delight in this glory of an uncorruptible presence. A fact we are, a truth that is here – but will always remain totally beyond our grasp.  And yet it is. It is being all that we are. That really is love at its finest.  What a joy to feel this love, this rush of beauty as the senses come alive. And no one knows from where this feeling of love comes. Yet it is.  I am moved, I dance through this life, as this invisible river lifts me up and sails me along.  I like to see you enjoy this laughter that bubbles here in my heart while we are imbibing in the magic and charisma that sparkles around us. The child of my soul is up and out, she is not afraid of this world. Here I will enjoy the magic charms of this most mysterious world of transformation. Pour me some more, sweetheart. I like how you pour. I enjoy the promiscuous feelings that arise from the taste of being taken in a holy entanglement with life, as this strange rendezvous with love unfolds.