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I have no idea what to call this wondrous new world that has entered my life. All I know is that Life ripped me open one day, and I became completely defenseless, fully exposed to it’s powerful living light of a love that streamed from the edges of forever. This love began to flow through the wide open space of my very own heart. I was, in a way, born again. Now, here, in the world, I am feeling the bountiful essences of the abundant, rich qualities and attributes of Life. I feel like a little child, I feel like I did when I was 7 years old. My senses have been awakened. I’m willing to be immersed in the colors, aromas, flavors, scents, the textures, I am encouraged to touch this tangible, wondrous world. Everything feels richer, brighter, everything is alive, fresh, sensuous – the cool breeze touches my skin, and I am moved, feeling it’s sweetness, feeling the love that moves all things. My senses, all of them, are more acute. The profound wonder and mystery is so close, I feel its quiet devotion within. A vibrancy pours through me like an ongoing rushing river. My heart is vulnerable, unprotected and I am here, up close to Life, open to the unknown and fearlessly delighted by it all