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Drifting sweetly on this Lake of Love, moving gently upon the waters of the Divine Mind. Life is the deep infinite spring of the Mind of God, Love Itself. We float easy with the ebb and flow of this illimitable Presence, this vast pool of our very own Identity. We are not bound to time, as the magical fountain pours forth it’s never ending, everlasting Love. The heart’s bountiful supply fills us with joyful expectation on this adventure through the immeasurable view of Paradise. It is here, it is our soul, it takes us along. Nothing but God’s all inclusive wonders, floating reflections of the Infinite we see, the images adored by you and me. Gliding over the clear blue pristine waters of Love and its dark depth of Mystery, we let the currents take us. Here in the changeless beauty of own being, we watch with childlike delight, feeling the stirring sway of change upon these holy waters. I see the purity sparkling in your eyes, a dazzling light of joy. My heart is filled with this timeless love. As evening comes, we are pulled near, holding the playful days of sunshine sweetly as we dream together under the hallowed beauty of moonlight —