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I am not a mind reader, though I seem to have been born with a bit of gypsy in my soul. I am delighted by the wonders of God’s amazing mysteries. I can see, feel, know the unseen visions that are certainly not to be discarded as impossible things. Nothing is impossible. Nothing.
Seeing the unseen depths of the Divine Mystery, is a gift that comes to surface, into this tangible world. We find the pure and childlike visionary because past, present and future are always here at once. Time, distance, here and there, what was, always is – it’s all here within the Mind of God, like the photon, everywhere at once.
These most marvelous gifts are here, right here within myself, just as they are yours. There is nothing outside of this infinite All.
Look and see how close this true love, the holy treasure of our own being really is. Such a gift. As long as I maintain this close relationship with myself, this undeniable Reality – this is where I find it. Therefore, I am following myself, following this sparkle of magical things, the mysterious meandering lines, the divine blueprint, the holy DNA- it leads back home, back to me, always back to Identity, myself.
Such love I have found here. Here, one to one with myself, I find my way home. It is true for me – finding myself and feeling the sturdy support that I am, that I can stand upon, this is essential to me. Otherwise I am drifting around, flailing helplessly along without the assured sense of myself, self-I-am. This self, right here, it is in touch, directly with Something Greater, an unseen foundation. I am in touch with the very essence of me, the ground of Life itself, the living fact of Reality, the assured self-knowing that is being all that is.
What Is and That I Am are one self and we cannot be without each other. And so I move through and I am never lost from the very Place of Myself as this World of Wonder I walk through, the world that I am. Wherever I am, I am here. I see no other Light but the one that goes with me wherever I go.
My little ship sails steady and safe because the Captain knows these seas, knows them well and navigates with ease, with fearless grace, with joyful anticipation and love. I ride the waves with childlike laughter, rolling with the splendid moving beauty of miracles and magic.
Always, with love –