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A little excerpt from my book
Barefoot at Heart

Since I have made the trip, I can now venture out into the deep any time I feel like it. I know what’s there, I know the sea, I know the depths and endless infinity of it all. I found the new lands of ancient myths and fantastic discoveries. 

I know this too, I know this most assuredly, God sails here in my boat with me, silver moon light covers us, I am not alone. It is me, my heart and you My Love. We three are one. We are the Holy Trinity sailing on this infinite sea of Love.

Sailing this ocean blue, vast without end, far, far away we go.

Now, listen, if you ever find yourself unloosed from the docks, drifting from shore, here is something to remember: Gently, lightly, softly, easy, feel it, feel it, move with it. Don’t be afraid. If you think you are lost, keep your sight of the distant light that beams from those shores unknown. 

Oh yes, heed the fog horn’s longing call. Follow that haunting, beautiful sound, that deep mournful song that moves down inside your soul. In the blind dark of night when you cannot see anything in the mist and murk, listen for the powerful, profound cry, that distant, sorrowful call. Follow it. And sing, and sing — and keep singing.

Be brave my sailor friends. Be brave. The Wild Lands of Glory and Love and Freedom do exist. Eventually you will see the sun rise and the sea will turn into a smooth turquoise blue, a sparkling jewel upon which you glide and ride and rock gently with. There is a new world and it will be discovered.

I bring you treasures and tell you of love. I will paint wonder-filled paintings for you that whisper the totality of Light and shine like the beauty you are, my love, yes, the beauty you are.

I will write the Child’s song and sing a verse or two. I will make you laugh and smile your sweet smile. We will kiss, and we will hold each other close. 

I will slip a little love note into your heart, a simple note which will read, “It makes no difference, all is well.” Sail away, sail away.

Loving You Forever —