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 I have leaped playfully into this life of mine. My heart is uncensored, without rules, unrestricted and untied from all the human mental constructs. This is quite the magic. I want to see what happens. Here, now trusting in the sweetness of this world that touches me, this divine magic leads me through, on the path of love. This  heart leads and shows me the way of real love, unbound and beautiful, filled with the vital spirit of creation and divine intelligence.  Vulnerable in the divine, I feel the rush of life, like a surging love song that moves my body into rhythm and sway. This is the love that is fearless and has no agenda. My heart laughs in the uninhibited delight of living. I am filled with the boundless beauty that thrives in this immeasurable sanctity of freedom. Feeling life’s love like a cool breeze blowing kisses sweetly to my lips. My eyes dazzled by the brilliant colors of this wild flower world of my heart.