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 I love waking up to the silent beauty of this hour, the dark before the dawn of a new day. Dreamy and peaceful, I’m taken into a soft dimension, merging with the deep sapphire blue of the night. 

I feel the gentle stillness hold me, embrace me. Feeling safe in the quiet of the silent beauty, this divine goodness keeps me close and warm in its sublime comfort.  

The window is open. I watch the silver-blue moonbeam shining on the green leaves of the tangerine tree outside. The shadow and light moves with the breeze to create a charming vision of the little tangerines glistening, illumined on the branches. 

I lay warm and happy under the billowing eiderdown comforter.  Awake and feeling the stillness, feeling the mystery, touched by a tender joy and the beauty of this holy night, as the fresh, cool air kisses me softly.

Then I hear it, a night bird and his melodic little chirp. Out there in the dark, he sings. He is bringing a love song to me. In the still of night, I quietly listen.  This midnight lullaby fills my heart with love. It is the song of light, of divine magic, a song of innocent happiness.

He is reveling, perhaps, in the beauty of this enchanted garden. A lone little bird singing solo in the black of night.  I smile with tender tears, as his song opens me, unties me with his endearing little sounds. I am content in this easy feeling, touched by his love song.

Life is a marvelous mystery as this wonder enters me and I am filled with a depth of richness.  My senses are alive to the sable-blue velvet of the deep, tender hours before daybreak. I am wrapped in the sanctity of life, listening to this gentle messenger of love.

I love you always —