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Morning light sparkling through the trees outside my bedroom windows. The sweet fragrance of orange blossoms and jasmine dance through the cool soft air. I watch the glittering golden sunlight, as it dapples my room with the gentle movement of shadow and light awakening me.

My heart is easy, I am filled with the love that this life has been for me.

Inhaling the holy perfume wafting through, I am filled with its benediction.  I am fully aware of this bounty and abundance that has been poured upon me. I feel it running over the edges of my soul, here, in the  honeyed nectars of the morning light.

I see my life as nothing but beauty and love in all the ways it unfolds it’s stunning mystery.  This love moves in and through and out, moving, opening this heart of mine to a great and grand vision of my own eternity and its infinite joy. 

How delectable to be the prize of this conquest. How open, surrendered and giving I am to my victor.

I am the loyal friend, the faithful lover, the deepest heart of this living glory and holy miracle.

My heart has become the crucible of heat and light, wherein the fire is struck and ignites in an exploding force and power of this sacred love. Here, the sublime beauty and this unseen, immeasurable light cause an alchemy that turns everything into tenderness. I am soft and pliable. I feel it touch every part of me as it penetrates the infinite, timeless depth of my soul.

All my love –