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The golden moon glowing in the midnight sky and shooting stars exploding a million light years ago, all mine, to delight me, here, now. Time and the timeless are one. It is the is and the is not all at once Time and this timeless mystery captivates my heart. I am enamored, enchanted by the powerful beauty of the moonlight.

Now I know this living holy trinity of myself.  I am here, where this timeless Child stands balanced in unbound joy, here, between two worlds, the Holy Light  that is unseen  – and- It’s reflection as this visible light of the finite world. It’s deeper than that. It is profound and touches my soul. It goes on forever. Sublime into mass, formless into form, the seen and the unseen, right here, I am, I am the infinite night sky behind it all. I delight in the appearances, mirage of ephemeral light, the shadow that leads to the tree. And this love that fills every moment of my being, this love takes me home, back to myself.

Sweet world of mine, like priceless gold wherein its attributes and value are in fact impossible to hold. Where does value exist? No one knows. Ah, but it does exist. It is always the inseparable two that are one. Do you remember the joy of those spinning tops, colorful stripes, red, green, yellow, blue, twirling speeds of magic? Get the little push-and-pull going, faster and faster and then whirring, whirring so fast that the top appears to be perfectly still, perfectly still – both, moving and still at the same time. Balanced in the spinning, come this sweet stillness, this quiet, steady silence, here, both at once – the mystical metaphor. I am the living, spinning joy, of this mystical beauty, this wild delight of my heart.

Movement and rest, the two that are one. My Beloved mystery of unseen Light shining here as this world of images of images, appearances of one Unknowable Light of the Eternal Lover.