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Sweet freedom, Those I love are always in this living presence, the wholeness of my heart. Neither time nor space can keep them apart from me. Love is all that is. Love is the light that is everywhere at once. My heart lives unbound in a sea of a billion light years of forever.

The heart of mine has become soft, stripped bare, pliable, easy, wide open. Here, within, this powerful beauty of the whole world flows through. Like an ocean, a wild, infinite, moving ocean, this love lifts me into an unbound joy that carries me on it’s playful currents, compelling me, I have been set free.

This love is the love that lives before time. It takes me out beyond time. And it includes all time.  Here, all life is the very light of all that is. Here, I touch the very heart of eternity, my joyful living awareness, my existence, this divine splendor of being.

Bountiful visions come, essentially revealing even death is completely powerless. Love is here, love is life. Life never dies.  I am not bound to the limited view of the world, the judging, restricted view.  Love is freedom, and freedom is living, joyful, alive, vital as this pure, unbound self I am. It makes no difference where the winds might blow, I am lifted up, taken by this love, unharmed by the storms. I am in love with this starry elation that moves my soul through the holy spirit of reality and dream, fairyland and storybook, the authentic happily ever after of this loving heart that lives as the light of my own infinity.