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Sky Rockets  – Excerpt from my book “Barefoot at Heart” 

That’s how beauty meets beauty on the way to nowhere.

One night, in rushed all this sweet, unsolicited magic.

It was inevitable, but I didn’t know that at the time.

That’s how it happened, he was a rocket scientist, just knocking on my door late one night for reasons unknown.

I opened the door.

He asked me to come outside and watch him light the night sky.

I did —
— and he did.

He lit them all, a thousand bursting rockets – and I watched those flashing, sparkling trajectories blow, scattering joy everywhere.  So powerful the explosions, they thundered through me and out over the moon.

There was such glory in the brilliant light, the heat and radiant colors hanging in the night air. I could do nothing but succumb to this bounty of beauty and wonder he offered me.

I was captivated by the scintillating radiance and the thundering symphony of sounds pounding the dark sky and pulsing through my body, my heart, my soul. The drums of explosions played all through the night.

I was embraced, moved, I was swallowed up, engulfed in the depth of infinite celestial love songs.

He enchanted me. I stood by him, so close and warm he was. We both laughed with joy at the sight of those rockets bursting in air.

Well, the scientist and his fireworks came and went as the stars began to fade and daylight glowed on the horizon —  he was gone.

But the explosions still resound within me. The powerful intensity of the crescendos reached by that glorious symphony, even now, reverberate through me.

Yes, I was awakened in the middle of the night and now I cannot go back to sleep.

Those brilliant projectiles left a lovely golden sparkling residue drifting in the air and landing like a halo in my hair. That halo still glitters and shines wherever I go.

The light of those rockets so dazzled my eyes, I still see stars and glowing, flashing, twinkling magic wherever I look.

A sweet note in the melody of life is to live in wide open expectation of love’s unending, dear surprises showing up. They will show up.

You won’t know what it will be, and that is the wild joy of it all. That’s the surprise party of it.

Like a child in happy anticipation of a birthday celebration, the good surprises will show up just the way they are meant to. And they will be made to order, especially for you.

As the stars shine forever —  I love you always —