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The vibrations of heaven play in my mind. I hear harmonic tunes turning me into living poetry as I am painting love songs on the canvas of the sky. You merge into me, like music, as my words move you in melodic sounds touching your heart with the soft, silky, quiet breath of love.

I feel the heat touch me. I am willing, as the wind unbuttons my heart and blows me into bliss.

You came along, slipping, easing slowly into my heart, awakening these forgotten delights, like smooth, pink ice cream, melting into dreams, dreams written thousands of years ago, unwrapped here, now, as gifts from eternity.

I remember how I held tight to you, riding on your speeding motorcycle. We rode wandering through the red desert, through the thundering storm and found our way to a little cafe along the road.

Wet and happy we went inside. The warmth of love between that gust of cold air and the sparkling fire heating the room, was combusting to ignite us into flames.  Love, love alone is the powerful elixir.  We are taken by this alchemy and magic.

The large stone fireplace flickering in flames of golden light casting boldly dancing shadows on the walls.  We drink warm brandy. We sigh, we laugh. Your smile shines within my eyes. My joyful love is a benevolence that soothes you. You see how your own beauty dazzles my soul.

In a few hours the storm passes. We feel a stillness, a silence awakening us from the enchantment. We go outside. Looking up into the clear, infinite wonder of desert’s depth of dark that holds us, we are fearless. We smile, holding close. Looking up to see the stars twinkle in diamond-blue sparks of shimmering brightness, hand holding hand, fingers entwined, we head out into the infinity that shines the light of forever, from heaven to earth and back. My heart is filled with the vibrant gems of love’s cosmic eternity.

Desert Night – Reading by Sandy Jones