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Yes, it’s all mumbo jumbo and means nothing until it is experienced, lived, known directly. That’s true of almost anything.  It’s like the difference between reading instructions on how to swim, and to actually get in the water and swim. If we want to know the unbound joy of Life, we have to leap in and be the living of it’s infinite beauty. Risky. Sure. But like  swimming, it is possible and it can be done.

There is no other way to know, but to do it.  We must jump in and experience it. Reading about happiness, peace, love. understanding or enlightenment is not the same as discovering for ourself the very living and knowing, experiencing of these ideals.

Someone’s description of genuine self-discovery can get terribly misunderstood. The only thing we can do, if we want to know anything for ourself is to live it for ourself. We have to take the wild leap of faith and trust ourself, feel if for ourself.  Let that moving holy presence of Life touch us. It’s intimate, it’s warm, it fills us with peace, it fills us with vital, creative energy, and it fills us with love, so much love. The freedom, the shear joy of freedom is ours. 

Although, there is power in the words that are filled with light and love and truth. The words that come closest to truth, they can touch us and move so that we might take the chance to feel and live it for ourself. What have we got to lose? I must elicit the words for this beauty I have found, and live my love for this sweet world of mine. 

Something divine and easy, whole and lovely lives as this presence, right here.  Heaven is spread over the face of the earth, so we don’t have very far to go to find it. It is the very Identity we are. What I be is what I see, all I see this self I be.  What you seek is the Life you are, right here being all that you are.

Listen to your own heart, hear the celestial song of the universe that is within you. Let it touch you, move you.  Sweetly, passionately loving your lover. It is sublime and holy, making love, intimate, pure, within you and life alone.

Let the song come alive inside you. Let this flame of love take you. We are life itself, living, moving, knowing and being in love.  We are living the unspoken language of love.  You and I are lovers.  I am embraced by this love that life is. I let your love in and the beauty never fails me, never.


Sandy Jones reads-  Something Easy