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 The secrets of life always come from the inside out, not from the outside in.  The secrets are revealed to us here, within ourself. The light goes on, and I understand. I understand.

I fall in love. Head over heels tumbling in. I’m not afraid. I am the whole entire, totality of all that life is and all that love is.  I always was. I always will be. I cannot be outside of myself. I cannot look at a single thing and not see this ever flowing, beloved beauty I am. I am immersed in this holy, sweet, divine perfection that holds me close.

It is absolutely profound to even exist. Who can explain such glorious wonder and mystery as this – this life that I be?

It is here, the secret, this life is here, I am here. I did nothing in order to exit, and yet I do. Life, something, all of it, totally beyond the human comprehension, and yet it is all right here, as plain as day.

And, the funny thing is this – we cannot be separate from the world. It is impossible. I am – and the world is. Where I go, it goes.

Here, from this open, tender, loving, pure heart, I see it.  Undone, bare, exposed, I am willing to let life in, willing to be tender, sensitive, vulnerable – I am alive with childlike wonder.

Mine is the joy of knowing I am, being this self I am. That’s it. Simply extraordinary. As simple as this. No other life can I be.  It is the eternal love that lives my life. It includes all time and matter and all those I love. I am the path to the stars, to the heavens, to love, I am the answer, I am the way. How beautiful that feels – I smile, knowing it is the same for you.

Now, knowing myself, I feel taken by these rushing waters of the thundering river of life itself. Everything is full, rich, bountiful, here, right here inside of me. I am life’s moving waters, the very river itself. I am the wild beauty of eternity.

Yes, I am the infinite, and I sail upon the open sky of unbound freedom. I am in love. I am love, touched by this beauty and peace that is here, present and here, behind all things. I hear you call me in the late of night when we can play in the starry heavenly sky.  Let’s dance in the cosmic light of gold and silvery moon beams. Let’s laugh in the warmth of the sunshine’s deep blue on a summer day. Let’s run far away to the edges of all time’s unbound space.  We are the world we walk through.  Here, as I am, as you are, as life is – we are the very living evidence of this holy mystery.

And so, I will take this joyful journey through my world, alive and unhindered, open to my own infinity, moving with this eternal flow of giving and receiving, always in love.

Such freedom to find this love is my world, it is all those I love, all things I love – all here within me.  I see your bright smile, I hear the love songs, songs of the heart, the music of the soul. It is all here, all mine, as I am.

Poetic Softness – Read by Sandy Jones