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Now I understand that no one and nothing is ever lost and no one ever dies. I know now, there is no death. Death is impossible. I know it, I saw it clearly. I have discovered everything is more wonderful than I could have dreamed. or would have wanted it to be. Life, sweet, wondrous Life, it unfolds perfectly in time. This is far more than I ever hoped or imagined possible. I see it all now. What was real then is now seen as unreal and what was unreal, or seeming a distant dream has become absolutely self-evident and true. And it is even more than this, even better, and yet still greater than all of it, greater than both –sweeter, simpler, easier.

The Joy is that I am still standing right here, and I am more truly my self, the change happened in my heart this change of heart changed my view entirely. I am at peace and in love. Fear is gone, and a wonderful sense of being safe and sound has brought me contentment, tranquility, and a sweet twinkling light in my soul.

I am the little girl I was those years ago, she is here, she is come alive again, I am this 7 year old child again.
I am the world, I am in the world and the world is me. I am always taken care of by Life’s Ever Present Light of Love that is seen as the 
evidence of all things.  All my love –