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I guess because life is actually spirit and matter going on all at once – the two that are one. That’s why we can sense both heaven and earth, right here in the world, as we stay open to it all. As we stay sensitive and alive to it all. As we keep our heart exposed and receptive, we can feel this powerful mystical magic move us, sweep us up to dance all night.

We are living in heaven, even when we don’t see it or feel it’s presence. It is right here. Yes, I see it and the whole world around me shines with love, beauty, peace, joy, laughter.

Sometimes love shows up as that flying high, soaring happiness between two people. Two people dancing together, soft, warm, velvet skin to skin, heart to heart, in love. Yes, it can happen like that.  He takes you in his arms, pulls you in close and you’re both flying through the celestial realms of love. Yes, it happens. That kind of love takes us higher, there is no doubt about that.  All life is love. All love is divine. There is only one love – the divine expression on earth and in heaven.

Then as one wise man said, “As I be lifted, my whole world is lifted with me.” Quantum physics seems to be the way of it.  My heart is filled with this eternal light of life, filled with it’s wondrous joy, mystical serenades, played on the cosmic strings of my own fearless delights – and I am lifted up – and I look around and I see my world sparkling in holy radiance, right along with me .

So we let love hold us. We let this illimitable love that has created this world, we let it lead us. We let the angels watch over us. In love, the two of us dance to the sounds of this marvelous world of magic and beauty. We are living the very song of life. We hear it’s sounds, feel the celestial reverberations of heavenly chords ringing deep in our soul, right here on earth. I am filled with music and laughter, wrapped in happiness, warmth and care. In his arms, I am exposed, willing, enchanted and embraced by love. Moving to the sensual, sweet, tender, passionate beauty of life and its timeless, eternal love.