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I am dancing in the dazzling sky, aglitter, sparkling with the light of emeralds, sapphire and diamonds.  Flying over this great expanse of time.  I see all the lives I have ever lived, I see it all. I see the past the future, as I soar across the joyful wonder of this timeless self I am.

I am filled with myth and secrets and the beauty of this world in all it’s holy mystery. 

I am alive to the rhythm of the ancient drums that beat with life in the cosmic songs of the universe. The sounds of glory fill me up, lift me higher.

My future is the living light of Life, and it can never be less than this. There is nothing outside of this infinity, this light, this vision of totality. It is love that is the life of me. 

I am the coming and going of the wind, I am untamed, unbound and free. I am the movement, the moment, the changes, melting snowflakes falling on my face.  I’m kissing my lover, embracing in a world of deathless love.  Nothing is outside of this light of eternity I am. I am returning, reuniting, I come back, you come back – always here as the ever present living beauty, being all that I am, all that you are, all that is.

Let me feel the earth, the wet soil, alive, under my feet. The sand and the sea play love songs to me. It is moving every part of this body that longs, that tastes, feels, touches this world – as it touches me. I am filled with the everlasting,  love,  love. It is in light within the eyes of me.

I am the child, pristine – I am the experiencing of this expansive infinity and  the everyday wonder of such sweet simplicity. Sacred, simple, easy to be.

It takes me higher, deeper, feeling it’s caress. I am willing, I go with it. Letting this love lift my heart, temper my mind, sweeten my lips, heat my passion, light my eyes.

I will not abide the ways of the world, because I know what I know. There is nothing more exquisite than this. This knowing, this effervescent joy I am takes me up into the grand reality of all that I see. It brings me all I need.

You can hold my hand and fly with me, and come face to face with death and see without question, your own eternity.

Yes, I am a believer and it was all my tender, innocent, honest believing that set me free. It was my believing that hoisted the sails. I set out toward the far horizon of shining beauty that called to me. Then, completely unexpected, there it was – I found my own powerful glory. There I was, sparkling in the sunshine and blue sky of freedom. Believing and in trust I sailed into the light where angels dwell. I sailed home and I returned to me.


Believing – Read by Sandy Jones