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The tender and willing know. There is this memory in the heart of an incomparable love and vast universe of light. Matter is the Eternal Light seen as the reflection of Itself in form. Light is information. We search the edges of the Universe, one day to realize we are forever looking at Ourself, our boundless, exquisite Self. How amazing it is. This experience of Life is the sweet pleasure of God’s Awareness. We are the self-knowing of this Eternal, Infinite and Divine Light, the Light of Life being all that is. This unseen and immeasurable Light has no beginning and no end. It is the ageless, timeless Self Awareness. We are the experience of God, right here, living, feeling, knowing, exploring, learning, loving though this limited measurable light, the ordinary light of the day. We are, right now, being flooded with this Light of information, and so, we know more than we think. Everything is alive with the Light of Life, every fractal, photon, grain of sand, dew drop, bit, and particle contains information of the Whole. And if this is true for this limited light, just imagine how much more you are as part of this Omnipresent Eternal Light. We are living Light of this Mysterious Wonder. This Immutable Light is being the Life you are.