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My parents were artistic, creative and very intelligent people. They both had a kind of bohemian spirit. I admired that nature. My mother was quite beautiful, blue eyes and dark hair. She would go barefoot around the house. She would dance, she could really dance. Dancing calmed her mercurial, sensitive, complex, over energized mind. My dad, optimistic and fearless, had been raised near the beach in Southern California. He was one of those first surfer boys back in the day of balsa boards. He took a cargo ship to Hawaii, to surf, just for fun, when he was a teenager. He loved to travel. Though my parents were such opposites, their love prevailed. When I was a kid, my mother would help us make our own costumes for Halloween. I would often dress up like a gypsy, dirndl skirt and plenty of jewelry. Now, I know why. I’ve always felt the world to be a mystical wonderland, my intuition is touching the unseen realms of Life. Trusting this natural, uninhibited, unbound Self of myself brings with it the ability to know things that cannot be seen, to sense the things that are here, but invisible to the eye. We do have this sixth sense, the third eye, transcending time and matter, while yet here in touch wth all the beauty and wonder of this world. Even more, when you find this natural Self within yourself you have the courage to trust yourself and the synchronicity and synergy of Life.

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