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Just this, nothing more than this. We let go the ridged indoctrinated thinking as we awaken to the sweet joy, our purity and innocence. Yes, we become the Living Trust. Now, unbound, we are rolling along on the River of Life. We are swept up and taken by the Great, Unpossessed Tao. We learn to yield to the moving waters of Life, yet, we are steady and agile, allowing for the changes. We have found this inner Light of the Holy Child, it is the Sacred Heart that has been revealed to us, within us, here, we remain balanced and strong while flowing and responsive to the challenges. We know when to react and when not to. It is a divine gift, it needs no defending. We flow easy and free.
And it is good to know this as well; Living this free flowing trust on this River of Life doesn’t mean that we don’t sometimes hit the rapids, get tossed by the white water, go over the falls, get caught in an eddy, or stuck on the sand bars. However, living from this tender Heart does assure us a deep and abiding equilibrium, balance, steady ease, centered core of genuine understanding, as we travel this wild River of Life.
With the Heart open and unbound from the intellectual conditioning, we are able to live this fearless Joy and Trust as we go along. Knowing that Love’s Goodness is the Primary Isness of all that is, we can begin to trust in this inner knowing of the Allness of God – and when we do, we realize the unbound childlike happiness, just being this guileless, lovely, guiltless heart of beauty that has been revealed to us.

Oh but this understanding does not prevent the waves from coming. We are all here to learn, to reclaim, to uncover out true selfhood. We learn, as my teacher said, by way of the “hard teachings.” Those hard teachings are the divine gifts showing us the way back to our own true self. These occasional rogue waves are to be trusted as the divine gifts on this River of Love showing us new insights and lifting us to higher views.  

One of the sweetest things I have learned is that we are all living this Love whether we know it or not. Life is the River of Love, not something you nor I have to do or be – It already is –