Until the Twelfth of Never

Until the twelfth of never — and that’s a long, long, time. Such is love and children and sunshine and divine Omniscience.  What a great word that is. Think of it; divine Omni-science  – That’s It. That’s what Life is. That’s sweet and easy. We live as the ongoing bounty of endless love.

Nice. There is not, was not, nor will there ever be, such a time that we are not this. Holy wonder-world of being.

This world is only the tangible half of Omniscience.  This tangible world of form, is Omniscience, Totality, pointing out and identifying its other half; the unseen timeless, ever present, ever lasting, other half of Omniscience.

Eternal, timeless, formless, has no way to appear in form to Itself except as a sequence of tangible, felt, seen, lived, known events. It is our great pleasure to be It’s Self-knowing experience. Experienced as this sequence appearing as a linear, ongoing, unfolding, progressive order and time — Life as form, moving in one apparent direction. The Child heart of us knows these things in a very intuitive way. The Child knows by way of being balanced between both time and timelessness.  We don’t need it all explained, we feel it, know it, like music, like a love song, like love, we know when we know — and yet, these new ideas comprehended, are exactly what the physical sciences are becoming aware of.  When they realize they are exploring their own divine Selfhood,  their own Identity – that shall be a day of sweet hallelujahs.  

Knowing the Light of our Identity, we realize that this world is not something to be feared, altered, overcome in arrogant pomposity trying to change everything.  No, now we have found that, as Lao Tse said, “The world is already a perfect vessel and whoever tries to improve it, spoils it.”

 Yes. The universe is within consciousness, and it is perfect as it is. The Child heart of us knows the wonder and beauty of this experience. We understand and appreciate this world. It is to be lived to the fullest. Love is the action and way of living in this new light of genuine Self discovery.  We discover that this Living Omniscience is all that we are. We are the living of Infinite Identity. 

By living this new light, I am rewarded with more new light. That rocks my gypsy soul.

To find and live our grand and holy Infinity that is being all that I am, all that you are, including all of everything, all the images, tangible or intangible –  this is love, this is truth, this is freedom.

We find This and then we watch the magic happen. I know why they say God is Love. Oh yes I do. We are given the freedom and Joy of being who we are. We can accept it any time we like.

Now we live again. We are fearlessly embracing our whole world.  Now we fall in love again, tenderly, totally, here, in love with my world, in love with you. Because this love fills my soul and lifts my heart and brings me the riches of knowing my own heart.  To know the magic –  oh yes – and all these sublime wonders of my universe entire; to know you, the breeze, the sky, the stars, the sea, desert blooms and English gardens of rambling roses – this life of love and beauty, goodness, laughter, joy and peace – all this is mine.

Forever my love –


  1. 5-3-2017

    With love dear one aka earth angel

    • 5-3-2017

      Oh Michael, how lovely to see you here – very nice. Thank you Smiles and hearts

  2. 5-4-2017

    🙂 … ~.~

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