Something in me has always had a deep recognition and love for the divine light of this world. It’s not that everything in this world is the way we think it should be, or the way we’d want it to be.  No, it’s just that everything in this world is – all this is – existence itself astounds me. Existence astounds me. It’s a phenomenon, a mystical event that includes all sorts of things –  and to my joy, I am experiencing it – and that’s what makes it holy and sublime.

It’s totally and completely all that is. That’s impressive. Totality means all. All is all and totally all. There is nothing outside of total. I’m experiencing the existence of God. I’m the awareness of an Ineffable Something that always was and forever will be. This presence of existence is undeniable.  And this Ineffable Something has no beginning and no end. That’s sacred stuff.

It is a sweet mystery, that is, by its very existence, so far beyond the human concepts and yet it is here. I am living it. It shines bright as this entire universe of my being.  This Ineffable Supernal Isness is an unseen, immutable, unknowable presence. And this world of form and measure, light, time and matter is the evidence It leaves behind – like the wake behind a ship.  That’s an incomprehensible marvel.  Here it is. We are the living evidence of the Absolute.

I’m awestruck by this world. Everything and nothing, all in perfect balance.   It’s all here, the perfect and the imperfect, the harmony and the discord, darkness and light. Mixing and matching both sides, we find beauty, we find love, we find our self.  Striving for the right sound, the sweet sound that feels good, that rings in our heart clear and melodic, right and true –  I love that. This is the heart’s desire for the beauty of the alrightness of things. We strive for the upward toward goodness and love. We find this alrightness when we lift our sights to the gentle, tender visions within us.

This wonderful experience of life includes the pure and impure and it goes both ways, into infinity. It spirals up up up and down down down. That’s profound and beautiful. We get to live every moment and every iota of whatever it is we live.  We have the freedom to choose which way we want to go.  It is a matter of heart and soul.  Within my heart, I am free to go any way I want to go.  I’ll stay in the middle, here in the wonder and beauty of it all.

I am innately attuned with the higher visions of my soul, but, while here in this tangible world, I will enjoy both heaven and earth. I have found the sweet spot, living this childlike soul of mine. I get to love my world, being here in all this sensual beauty, I get to enjoy it all — while being in love with the formless Light that is behind it all. Balanced between form and formless I live a fearless freedom.  That’s divine, that’s heaven on earth.

Going rogue, that’s how I found this golden point in my heart. Here, in between, I am connected to both the sensual world of form and the holy comfort of the divine. I am living both sides of infinity, in this heavenly place of peace and beauty, in a simultaneous love of everything.

I am a vessel of this ultimate intimacy with God. Feeling it all, the further out I go, the closer to myself I get.  

This life is God’s experience and I get to feel it all. Simple, easy and real.  I get to live here, in this tangible world of time, satiated, enjoying, imbibing in the extraordinary mystery of it all. How beautiful this is. I love this world. I am sailing through infinity, hearing the love songs of eternity, dancing across an infinite sea of stars.

Yes, I love you –


  1. 6-11-2017

    The sweet spot!

    • 6-13-2017

      Hhahha Dear Soren – thank you – yes, like the cue ball in pool, seems to me there is this magical point that gets it right on target – individually we do it – and we sink that red ball in the corner pocket – Sweet life it is — yes –

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