That’s The Magic

This wonderful adventure of life, how dear it has all become. It’s full of sweet surprises. The magic is divine. The love pours over me. 

All I can say is that I have found Something that floats me. Keeping me in a repose that is steady, easy – while always in movement. The motion is the balance. It holds me lightly, gently swaying me in the holy currents. It moves and I move with it.

This heart of mine, this living mystery of me and it is alive to this experience of a world of time and matter. This life of me, it is living, touching, moving me in this sweet mystery of an unseen love that is being all that is and all that I am.

It is freedom and peace. It is a deep love that is not dependent on how the world appears. This love is more like an eternal fountain of pristine waters, clear and bubbling up and out, through my heart and into this world.

I’ve realized that the world out there is a reflection of me, a reflection of these deep waters, this infinite love that flows and lifts me.

This ever so slightly lifted view reveals a magical fairyland of twinkling light and effervescent joy of exquisite beauty. I am in love, with love, and as love. I am moving a nano-second ahead of the old time frame I was in. A minuscule slip of a moment in time changed my world entirely. It opened me, took me, swept me up and I saw my world is the beauty my own heart, my soul, this living, pure light of my very being.

Listen, you know, we all have this pure light, it’s really all that is, the only thing that we really are. But, the discovery, maybe it takes life times, I don’t know. It is, I think, a little by little sort of thing. It comes to us when we are sincere, pure, exposing the innocent heart, unafraid of this life. It comes.

When you find it, you just let go and let it take you. Like being in love, you fall in, can’t resist – and that’s the magic. I didn’t make it happen, I didn’t do this.  I just let life do what it wants with me and I love my way through it all.  So, maybe that’s it, maybe it just happens – love finds us. I am here, alive and so I live and trust this feeling that comes and takes me. Letting this beauty in, is like making love, letting go in the arms of my lover. Like a slow dance, holding close, swaying to the music, moved by his motion.

In that moment of love, you see that the light in your soul is the very world you walk through. The two become one. The love you feel inside reflects outside, all around you. Everything is bright and beautiful. In love, you open your heart, you don’t hold back, fearless you let that light shine and shine bright – you look out and about and you see your whole world is shining with the same living love you are. The world and you are one.

Ahhhh, sweet peace, sweet life, sweet relief – It holds me true and real. It is mine, lifting my world and the heart of those I love.

I won’t close this door of my heart, not ever, it is the way of love and way to heaven here on earth. I’ve seen it.

Now I hear God singing the sound of the entire universe. It is a song, a melody, God’s joy unleashed, reverberating in all that is. It is the happy sound of childlike delight. It is the pulsing beat of the sensual beauty of my whole world.  I am in love with this world of mine. It is the holy light that shines here always. It is the untouched, unharmed, immutable light of love – It is mine, it is me, it is you — my sweet beloved, you.


  1. 6-8-2017

    Love self love all

    • 6-9-2017

      Michael, you are always so kind, and that you stop by and read my love notes – that makes me smile – thank you for your beautiful heart – I love that – <3

  2. 6-8-2017

    “… it is you — my sweet beloved, you.” 🙂 <3)) – walt

    • 6-9-2017

      Your loving responses to my words are always a joy for me – thank you Walt –

  3. 6-8-2017

    “I just let life do what it wants with me and I love my way through it all”

    Thank you Sandy….this lovesong comes at the perfect time, like lullaby sung to me by the mother of all that is….

    Thank you
    Our hearts dance to the same melody❤

    • 6-9-2017

      Thank you too, Victoria. I can feel your joyful bouncing beauty too – Life is such a wild trip – I am happy to know my words sang a sweet love song to you today – I appreciate seeing your note here too – sweet surprises -Mmmmm, yes, that is so lovely –

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