Pink Marshmallow Cookies

In the summer, as very young girls, my friend Julie and I would spend our days at China Cove. It was named China Cove because on the beach there was a lovely rose-colored Chinese house. The China House is gone now. Demolished.

Julie’s mother would pack us a picnic lunch and she always included those big pink marshmallowy cookies for us.

There were no waves at this beach. It was like a secret spot because it was facing the inside of the bay. Secluded and quite private, it was a perfect beach for tiny children.

We’d play in the water for hours, floating on our rafts, laughing and giggling, making up games, singing and telling stories. The day was so full of joy doing nothing, accomplishing nothing, getting nowhere, drifting, splashing in the salty water, feeling the warm sunshine.

Well, much to my surprise these years later that little girl of those days has returned to me. She is here in my heart once again. I am astounded by this. But I know I am blessed by this too. Yes, I am that child again. And I am free, drifting, playing, laughing, making up games and singing my heart’s unbridled joy. The Child, the one who sits so close to Life, she has returned to me.

She brings me the sweetest delights, she brings me this magic that lives in the simplicity of real untamed Love. I am free and fearless and alive to this whole sea of wonder and beauty that holds me now. She takes my hand and she watches over me, she knows exactly how to navigate this world for me. I listen to her and she shows me the way. She is connected to Something Wonderful that is beyond me, beyond time. She brings me unexpected surprises too– surprises even sweeter than those big pink marshmallow cookies.

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    🙂 <3 -walt

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