Magical Adventure

So, there she was riding her bike down the street.  She was inhaling the scent of the eucalyptus and pepper trees.  In the warm air they were giving off a lovely, distinctive fragrance; pungent, spicy, fresh, savory and satisfying.

She was feeling it all.  Her senses fully alive. She didn’t realize she was in a daze, enthralled by the sensual delights as she road along. Everything within her and everything out there was touching her. She felt the richness, she was alive to it all.  She was in bliss, steeped in heaven. Taking it all in, all of it. She felt the whole magical adventure permeating her.  

She couldn’t separate herself from the beauty of the world around her. Her heart was full of pleasure.  She felt a euphoria, like opium, lifting her spirit, taking her higher.  She was intoxicated by the sensual delights that washed through her. She’s in love, in love with the world. 

She was entranced, enamored with the beauty. Her eyes were filled with the twinkle of the misty light flashing through the leaves, blinking on and off in golden and sliver sparks of illumination.

Captivated, enchanted  — then she felt the wobble and wonk. The tires hitting sand, the bike sliding sideways, heading for a ditch. 

 It only lasted a moment, but she became instantly aware that she was about to throw her self off course, about to take a fall.  

She had an innate ability to catch herself in slow motion. She had a love for equanimity. She had a deep sense of temperance. She was intuitive and able to make quick changes in direction. She used a little smooth maneuvering, took hold – and the bike was under control once again.

There was something lovely, soft and supple about her way of being. She had no inclination to force things, no demands. She let things come and go easy.  She was in love with life. She took her chances. She was a gambler at heart.

The gods had invited her to this divine party and she was not going to turn down an invitation from them. She would take what comes. 

However, on this little ride, she got the message. She felt that bump, the wobble. She would enjoy this sensual, marvelous, wondrous world – but she wouldn’t lose her balance, nor would she ever forget where she was going.

There is a way to enjoy the beauty and adventures of this world and keep the balance. She wouldn’t lose the gift she had found. She wouldn’t lose her soul, her truth, her guiding light within her  – it had taken her many years to find this inner ballast and now she rests easy with it’s sacred ways.

Balance, yes, there is a deep inner core of her that keeps her steady and true, yielding, light and strong, all at once. She was fully aware of this gift. 

She would take what she had been given. She would do what she does.  She trusted her self. She was in love with life. She would give herself fully. She was fearless, willing to live wide open.  She was in love with all of it, the twists and turns, the rough ride, the losses, the sorrows, the beauty, the wonders and joys – all the ups and downs. 

And the sweetest part of all this, is that life was in love with her. Life was on her side. Life would always do her right.

Life and her, they are a couple, a fine pair, soul mates.  Life looks at her and says “You coming with me?” and she says, “Oh yes, you bet babe, I am.”  “I am right with you.”

Those two are going all the way, together as one, in holy matrimony. Life, this glorious, mysterious life and her, they are having a wild love affair.

She thinks it’s absolutely divine.  She says, “I love you always, loyal and true.”  She says, “Thank you for all you have given me, every bit of it.” And she means it deeply, straight from her heart.

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