Including Everything

This Light of Love, this Life we are, this Awareness I am includes every person, place and thing constituting the tangible universe. We leap into the Truth and we live it. We are Love. We live as Love.

We live this Light of solitary awareness — In living it, we find our experiences of our world to be rich and full and never lonely. We are on the joyous adventure of living beauty. We are never without Love. We are never without the ones we love.  Here, in this knowing of our Self, we find this sense of peace and wholeness underpinning and holding us. Here, in this place, as the Child of Light, pure and free, here is the divine equilibrium, steady and true.

It is our Father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom. Here, in this Light of our very own Self, we discover that nothing is missing in our life. After all, does not consciousness include everything within itself? Everything—from the least little chickadee chirping in the morning light, playing on the branches of the orange tree – to every star in every galaxy that exists — from every sound that has ever been heard to every face that has ever been glimpsed. Does it not? It does, yes It does.

It is true. This Life, this awareness-being-you is Love and is Self-satisfied and knows nothing of loneliness.

All of it, everything we ever knew and loved, husband, family, home, whatever and whoever we have loved appeared as images within awareness.

And Lord knows, this Awareness did not put the images there, nor is Awareness responsible for them. Who did? Who does? Reality, God, Isness, The ineffable One, The Single, The Only, The unbound, unlimited All. We are It’s living proof. My dear one, my dearest love.

This Always was – and Always will of be of our Self-knowing Light. And what are images? That which God knows God to be—the infinite qualities and attributes of Deity. Isn’t that the most wonderful thing? Isn’t that Love? Yes, yes it is.

This is my sweet peace of Life, this Living Love that Is the heart and soul of all that I am. This is true. This is my indissoluble joyful Love.

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