High Adventure

I have fallen in love with this wind blown, wild flower beauty of my soul.  To my surprise, I have found the living heart of wholeness. It is me. It is who I am. I am the fearless explorer roaming through the world. My world has become a shimmering meadow of heaven on earth. Heart and soul comes alive in the light of this Child I am. My life, my love, we wander this world, filled with all that heaven is. 

This path I found, it leads straight through my heart and takes me into the fields of freedom. It leads me into the fullness of myself. I am my very own delight as this world itself. I am living the exquisite expanse of the divine. This glory of the universe, moving, I move with it. It carries me and I go along. Tao of my heart, I see it all, as I live it’s profound mystery, it’s ever embracing, ever allowing, love.

This richness of my own soul includes you, your heart, every heart, the endless star filled sky, every song, every tear and every smile – all of it.  I am the fullness of Life in all its everlasting, perfect simplicity.

In this Light, I realize my own, solitary, steadfast beauty. I am playing in the wonder of Life’s marvelous, ongoing love – and love’s unfolding joyful adventures.

Looking into the night sky, the boundless knowing of my entire universe illumines and lights my soul. This is the eternity of me.  Oh my love, how sweet my peace, to know the totality and reality of the very being of you and me. There is nowhere else to be. I am here.

Standing barefoot in the wet sand, I breathe in the moist ocean air and watch the waves crash on shore. In the fullness of this holy wonder I know that I am the completeness of myself. I am all of it – it is all of me – all mine.  My joy lets me free. How much more in love can I be? No more than this.

I hear the primal, rhythmic, sound of waves breaking, as I am watching the white-water glowing, nearly fluorescent, in the moonlight. Love is unbound and set free.

Walking back to the campfire, the flames spark and snap, flickering in harmony with the light of thousand years, that fills my eyes. Shadows cast by the fire, dance upon the deep blue of the night. I am safe and warm in my lovers arms. The Pleiades sing their celestial song of love.  So dear, so close, so real. I am held by this genuine love that moves my world. 

Its proof is the very living of this wholeness that fills my life. This is love, this is the love I am.  This.  There is no doubt. It proves itself to me. This knowing allows me to be brave, allows me to let go and recognize the vibrant joy of this Child of light and wisdom within me. She takes my hand. I am free.

This immutable self of myself shows me the way.

From this center of luminescence comes a vital enthusiasm for this fascinating marvel of being. It all makes me smile and I hear the laughter of God right here in my own heart. I look at you, I see it twinkling bright your eyes.

Now I walk through life in a gentle, untroubled, soft and easier way. Yes, yes, so easy now. This tender, vulnerable love of mine is open and alive, powerful and serene. It is without motive or calculations.  It is an honest love. I am fearless as I move through this high adventure of my very own limitless being. 

Sweet joy –    

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