There are steps along the way to self discovery. For me, it was essential that I found the Child. That was the last step.  I don’t mean a final step as if everything came to an end.  No, the journey goes on. But there was a point where I seemed to slip right out of the old world view and into this new view.  This bright, wonderful, fearless state of mind.

It was like walking into a colorful, rich, twinkling, peaceful meadow. i changed, my world changed. Now I see my world a bit like I did as a little girl. I feel this sense of wonder in everything. I feel this energy of enthusiasm and I am enchanted by my life. I’ve walked into a fairyland, filled with magic.  It is, yes, it really is. And I feel this youthful, delightful daring, always bubbling through me.

So, for me, in order to really feel, know the very living joy life, to experience the full sense of wholeness of myself, I had to find the Child. I had to return to that pure, unadulterated, fearless soul of myself. This is it. This is what we are seeking. We all have this Child in us. It may be covered over by years of education, indoctrination and subjugation – but it never dies – it is eternal and it can return while here in the world. And when you find it, it comes back in all its glory.

So, after years of metaphysical-spiritual study, I uncovered this holy Child of myself, this unbound beauty of myself, the unrestricted, pristine mind and soul of me. I could not have ever reached this marvelous state of being, without the Child.  Oh, but she did come back and she is my way shower, my very own personal messiah, right here with me. And she holds the hand of God. That’s what makes this easy.

This Child has a divine intelligence that is fresh and intuitive, resilient and visionary, creative and alive. I feel a sense of wholeness now. This inner core of myself leads me aright, easy and onward.  Here in this new world, this meadow of love, I have no questions anymore. What I sought, has revealed itself – there is no secret – not anymore. Now I see. Now I get to enjoy this entire adventure of life – sailing this way, this childlike way, through it all.

This knowing is real and self-evident. There is no doubt about this. And now, I feel rather fearless, like I did as a little girl. It’s brave and bold and it won’t buy into the lies and corruption being perpetrated on us all. 

Nothing can take down this living sprit of the Child. It is immutable, just as God is. It sits next to Reality. It reveals to me the powerlessness of things. It is the very life of me, the part of me that is before time, before this world was. This is the divine fire within me.  This soul of mine, this is the very essence of love and it burns full of life, here, as real as the soft night air, as real as this smile, as real as this heart full of joy.

We all have this living, pristine light of intelligence and freedom within ourself.  .

Many have found this liberating spirt as well. It’s within you, waiting to be lived. Take it and run with it. It is dominion. 

“The child is alive with this fire, and we, the adults, smother it as best we can. When we cease throwing the wood of ignorance on the fire, it bursts forth again. Experience is an unlearning, an undoing. We must start from the beginning, not on the backs of dinosaurs – culture, that is, in all it’s guises.” Henry Miller (from the Durrell-Miller letters 1935-80)

Love Always–


  1. 6-13-2017

    Nice. The child was never born. It always was and will be. No worries.

    • 6-13-2017

      Maurylee – No worries – true, but that’s what makes us capable of putting it to action, living it here in the world, rightly and honestly without the fear, bringing our light to the world the way we are shown to do – I love this spirit of childlike daring- Through genuine self knowing, we can all be the noble knight, shining a light in the darkness – each in in our way – Sweet Life –

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