Color and Light

Praise the Lord and hallelujah. I hear music. I hear the Beach Boys. Music, like light and color, cannot be held, or understood, except by and through the living evidence of it. We hear it, we see it, we know it directly. Yet, it is impossible to explain. Impossible to know, until you see, hear, feel and know it — Ah, yes, such is life —   and such is love. 

Dear life.  Sweet love. So much wonder and beauty here, in the world. Yes, I love you.

Having the soul of an artist I am captivated by color. There is something about light and color that speaks to me. I am fascinated by color. Perhaps because this world is made light; light and music the essence of life. True.

So, let’s talk color for a moment. All things appearing to be solid, and yet they are as chimerical as a rainbow. As illusory as an illumined mirage in the sands of the Mojave Desert. This entire world is like a radiant spectrum cast upon the wall, projected by the faceted prisms of a beveled glass window.

I’m in love, I’m caught in the infrared, slipping through the ultraviolet, captivated by the seen and unseen. It is my heart that catches the sunbeam’s ray and feels its beauty.

Life, sweet life,  life is music and dancing colors, nothing more than this and yet so rich and real and living. It is a love song that I cannot hold, but I can know it as assuredly as I know love is.

A color is impossible to grasp. What is it? It is here, I see it. It is Light that I see, all shining, glimmering. It’s in me, in my eyes.  It is me, it touches my soul with such sweet laughter and joy. How do we know what music is, except to hear it. To hear it is to know it, to know it is to be it.

Life is the evidence of Love.

What is this world that is appearing before my eyes? It is visible and yet intangible, ephemeral. Like beauty, like love, like music and color – all Life – all that I am. I am swept away with this sweet world. This vision of my very self leaves me unbound, alive, feeling everything.

Pinks and azures arrive in the evening sunset, unbidden, seeping out of the magic of Life. I am in love with this seducing beauty of my open and fearless heart.

Love forever –

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  1. 5-1-2017

    “What is this world that is appearing before my eyes?”
    A question that very few would ask with child-like curiousity, but a great place to start, while at the same time foregoing all preconceived notions and what we ‘think’ we know.


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