All Possibilities

There is a perfect Balance between duality and non-duality. There is a way of balance between the changing, ongoing images of this time-space tangible world and the Living Light of the unseen, changeless, Divine Principle, that stands behind all things.

Living this Balance, is an inner knowing that keeps us steady, true, strong and agile. It is an ease and a dominion within us. It is the perfect center within ourself. We know it when we find it. It is ours. And it is real. Dominion comes with the Balance.

The Balance is a sweet place within, where the heart and soul come together.  Here, between the known and the unknown, Something real, pure, unconditioned is found. It is the Child, our original self.  The Child is the Balance.

How do we come to know this marvelous sense of Balance, and know we know it?

How else, but by living the imbalance – for a time.

Just as it was when we were children learning to ride a bike; We got on our little bike and at first we kept falling over, unstable, unsure, wobbly and afraid. But, we kept at it.

It was the imbalance that told us there is a balance. It was the falling over, that got us back on the bike. We struggled with the peddles, the speed, holding on too tight to the handlebars. The components of the dynamic were, at first, all separate and not working together.

But soon, soon, it would happen.

And it did. It happened.  For a moment, we felt it, we knew it. The heart shouted “Yes, yes, that’s it!”

We felt the balance, for a flash of moment, we felt the ease, the glide, the sensation of balance. It was there, it was wonderful and we knew what it was.

We knew what it was–so we kept going. The fear vanished and love bubbled up into laughter and delight. We began to feel it for longer moments.

Then, suddenly, it was ours, all ours.

Now it was easy, we got it. We were free.

And the profound thing is that once we got it, then it made no difference to us whether we slid in the sand or hit a curb–we actually enjoyed the bumps, we would seek out the rocky terrain, the steep hills. The whole adventure of riding around became joyful — skidding, spinners, wheelies, cruising the streets and down paths through the park. We could enjoy the sights and sounds and beauty, looking around, it’s all beauty, fun and easy. The balance was ours, all ours, we owned it.

We could ride along, playing, laughing, enjoying our friends, carefree and happy. We had the sunshine, the day, the fun, the shadows and the flickering sunlight through the trees. We had it all. Nothing could stop us now.

With Life, it is the same.  We find this Balance between this tangible world of multiplicity, matter, time and change –  and the intangible knowing, the innate realization and understanding of the oneness of all things. We don’t leave out any part of this Life. It includes all possibilities.  And we certainly don’t leave ourself out of this Equation. I would say, we are the center, the link, the interface between spirit and matter. Perhaps the divine conduit that makes it all possible.

Yes, it is real, it is liberating and marvelous.

In the middle of duality and non-duality, we find this third, all inclusive piece of the divine Equation. It fits perfectly and it works like magic.

We are given this inner authority, we know it, all by ourself. It proves itself to us.  This knowing is fearless, now enjoying the shadows, the flickering light of this world, as part of the unfolding beauty of it all.

This sweet balance leads us to a new way of being and seeing, right here in the world.  We are in a new and tender place, a soft, sweet place, between this world and the other. It is the Meadow where this wisdom lives and shines and leads the way.

It is real. It is found — and it is ours. It is here, where Life flows with Love between Heaven and Earth.

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