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The Tao of my heart – Sweet Life – It is this tender, living childlike wonder that has grown so sweet and lovely with me.  This is the joy of my heart. The Child is the pure soul, like the sky, everywhere at once. I love this open, tender heart of mine. I love her gentle beauty. She came back to me. She takes me, guides me through this world now, she does the work. I get to enjoy the ride. She showed me how. Now, I just let go, trust and see what happens. It’s a bit like being on the back of a red Ducati, holding on tight to my lover as he speeds the winding curves and I  can’t see where i’m are going, but I can snuggle myself close, hold on tight and breathe in the heat of his body. I inhale the warm scent his black leather of his jacket. I feel safe in the closeness. I  feel the motion as he leans and turns. Yes, now my life is kinda like that – Living is like that – up close to Life, I feel this sweet Love, this wild, unleashed, passionate Love –

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