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We listen to the rain, we listen to the waves washing on shore, we listen to the birds singing their joyful sounds. Yes, and we hear with our heart. There is Something Grand, an inner substance that lives quite beyond this world of matter, but It includes every sweet morsel of it all. It includes the ongoing presence of all that is. The fluctuating experiences delineate the ever present changeless Love. Here, in the world, here, even in the midst of change and commotion, here is where I touch and know that unfluctuating tranquility and equanimity. This ever present wonder and marvel and beauty of being might be challenged but it is never deceived. In infinite terms, we include it all -spirit and matter, change and changelessness, organized and random, objective and subjective, personal and impersonal. One knowing, one love, one expereince. One Life being all that I am. This is what I am, this is what is, this is who I am, this is the living art of being, and it is the way of Love.

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